Heelys FAQ - Everything You Need To Know

Heelys have become one of the most popular items for kids of all ages but just what are these Heelys trainers?

Check out this selection of Frequently Asked Questions and all will be explained.........

Q: What are Heelys?

A: Heelys are the only shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel that allows the wearers to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. Since their launch, they have gone on to become one of the biggest crazes around the world!

To discover our full rage, please visit our Heelys page.

Q: Who invented Heelys?

A: Roger Adams is the founder of Heelys Inc. and the creator of Heelys shoes.

Q: What size Heelys shoes should I buy?

A: Heelys shoes are a very tight fit so we always recommend choosing ONE FULL size. In addition, Heelys shoes are only available in whole sizes.We recommend that if your shoe size is a 1/2 size that you order ONE AND A HALF sizes bigger than your regular shoe size. For example if you're a size 3 ½ shoe then select a size 5 Heely.

There is 1cm difference between Heelys shoe sizes so it's better to be ½cm too big than ½cm too small. It is important not to choice a pair too big though as your foot needs to be safe and secure within the shoes. If you are concerned about Heelys being too big then it may be worthwhile purchasing extra insoles to pad the shoes out.

Q: How do the wheels retract?

A: The wheels don't retract. They are completely removable. After placing Heel Plugs into the heel cavities, Heelys are like a normal pair of trainers.

Q: What about the Heelys that retract the wheels into the sole with the push of a button?

A: Those are not Heelys. They are copies, and this product infringes on Heelys patents.

Q: Is there a pair of Heelys with two wheels?

A: Actually, there is. They are great for children and first-time Heelyers because two wheels provide more stability and balance. These models, however, DO NOT come with heel plugs or removal tools. The
original 2 wheel model was the Heelys Rebel available in Black or White and Pink. Since then there have been the Heelys Fizz, Heelys Rapid, Heelys Flurry and Heelys Rider.

Q: What is the difference between normal wheels and MEGA wheels?

A: Normal (FATS) wheels are found in the majority of one wheel Heelys shoes. However, there are some models that contain MEGA wheels.

MEGA wheels are designed for experienced Heelys users. They are larger than FATS wheels this allows the wearers to Heely faster and turn sharper and quicker. An amazing choice for serious Heelyers.

MEGA wheel shoes and MEGA replacement wheels are available from Rawk.

Q: Where do I purchase Sole Saver heel plugs and removal tool kits and what size do I need?

A: Replacement heel plugs and Heelys removal tools are available at www.rawk.com just visit our Heelys Accessories section of the website for our full selection. The size of the plugs you require relates to the size of the Heelys shoe you have. All the applicable sizes are listed the product drop down menu and listing.

Q: What styles and sizes of Heelys do Rawk carry?

A: Rawk is proud to carry a full and wide selection of Heelys shoes. They are all available to view at www.rawk.com in the Heelys area of the website. We stock all the latest, brand new Heelys models as well as
original Heelys, many with huge discounts and savings.

Q: Do Heelys come in sizes larger than Men's UK size 11?

A: Unfortunately, Heelys do not currently manufacture Heelys in sizes larger than a Men's UK size11.

Q: How do I insert my wheels back into the shoes?

A: Place the wheel in the wheel bracket and make sure the axle is aligned with the axle arms. With the palm of your hand, push the wheel into the bracket as hard as you can. You should hear a clicking sound indicating that the axles are seated securely. Visually inspect the wheel to make sure it is straight, and after putting the shoes on, stomp each heel to check for seating one last time.

Q: What is ABEC and what does it have to do with my wheels?

A: ABEC, Annular Bearing Engineering Counsel, is a rating system used by the bearing manufacturers (ABEC 1, 3, 5 and 7). Usually the higher the rating the more precise and smooth the ride is. The ABEC rating does not, however, determine the speed of the wheel and is in no way a measure of the quality of the wheel. The tag on the shoes will tell you what ABEC rating they are. You can also tell by the colour around the axles. Bearing colours: ABEC 1: Green - ABEC 3: Blue - ABEC 5: Red - ABEC 7: Yellow. If you purchased a pair of Heelys with ABEC 1 wheels and outgrow them with experience, you can always upgrade to ABEC 5 or 7 wheels as long as they are compatible with the shoes.

Q: Should protective gear be worn with Heelys?

A: Yes. At Rawk we highly recommend its use when the wheels are in the shoes. Protective helmets and pads are viewable at the Heelys Protection area at www.rawk.com

Q: What are the Safety Rules of Thumb for Heelys?

A: Always stagger your feet with your strong foot in front - putting them side by side could result in your feet sliding out from under you. When walking with the wheels in, do not lean back on your heels and make sure to walk with your toes touching the ground first. Be extra cautious when skating on uneven surface debris and crevices can cause sudden stops and uncontrolled movements. If you feel like you are losing balance, stop skating by putting your toes down and lean forward.

Always be careful when using Heelys in public and be aware of others around you.

Q: How do I clean my shoes?

A: You can clean your shoes with soap and warm water. It is not advisable to wash your shoes in the washing machine as this may damage the shoes AND possibly your washing machine.

Q: What do I do if my wheels are squeaky?

A: Cleaning your wheels with some WD-40 or bearing lubricant will usually solve the problem.

Q: What sizes do Heelys come in?

A: Jnr Size 11 - 17cm, Jnr Size 12 - 18cm, Jnr Size 13 - 19cm, Size 1 - 20cm, Size 2 - 21cm, Size 3 - 22cm, Size 4 - 23cm, Size 5 - 24cm, Size 6 - 25cm, Size 7 - 26cm, Size 8 - 27cm, Size 9 - 28cm, Size 10 - 29cm, Size 11 - 30cm

Q: What are Heel Plugs and what do they do?

A: Heel Plugs go into the soles of your Heelys footwear when the wheels are removed. They fill up the heel cavities so your Heelys footwear become a normal pair of shoes. They also prevent debris from getting into the wheel brackets.

Q: How do you take the heel plugs out?

A: Heelys models that come with plugs also come with a removal tool to pop the plugs out. To remove the heel plugs, insert the removal tool all the way into the slot between the heel plug and the sole. Then pull away from the plug. The heel plug should pop out. Please be careful to direct the heel plugs away from yourself and others.

Q: How do I remove my wheels?

A: Hold the shoe upside down with the sole and wheel facing away from you. Position both thumbs (one on top of the other) against the side of the wheel that is closer to you. Using your thumbs, push out and upward on the side of the wheel. Because axles are pressure fitted into the axle arms, removing the wheels may be difficult at first. If after step #2, the wheel has not come loose, turn the shoes around and repeat step #2 on the other side of the wheel. To prevent potential injury, always point the bottom of the show away from you and others.

Q: Where do I purchase replacement wheel kits and what size do I need?

A: Wheel replacement kits for all Heelys models are available in the Heelys Accessories section of www.rawk.com

Q: What is the difference between the Heelys Wheel Bag and Heelys Backpack?

A: The Heelys Wheel Bag is designed to be able to carry Heelys wheels that have been removed from the Heelys themselves. They feature a clip that can be used to attach the Wheel Bag to your jeans or trousers for easy carrying.

The Heelys Backpack however is much bigger and is designed to be able to carry your Heelys shoes.

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