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£17.99 Matt Black Helmet

SFR Helmet

Matt Black

Buy SFR Helmet - Matt Black
£49.95 Heelys HX2 Snazzy - Pink/Red/Green/Multi

Heelys HX2 Snazzy

Rainbow NEW

Buy Heelys HX2 Snazzy - Rainbow NEW
£49.95 Rookie Retro - Red/White Roller Skates

Rookie Retro

Red/White Roller Skates

Buy Rookie Retro - Red/White Roller Skates
£44.95 Nineclouds Deck - Sponton 7.875"

Nineclouds Sponton

7.875" Skateboard Deck

Buy Nineclouds Sponton - 7.875" Skateboard Deck
£15.95 Voltage Backpack - Cartoon Skate Bag

Voltage Backpack

Cartoon Skate Bag

Buy Voltage Backpack - Cartoon Skate Bag
£44.95 Heelys HX2 Pure - Black/Pink

Heelys HX2 Pure


Buy Heelys HX2 Pure - Black/Pink
£49.95 £59.95 Rio Roller Leopard - Roller Skates NEW

Rio Roller Leopard

Roller Skates NEW

Buy Rio Roller Leopard - Roller Skates NEW
£24.99 Kiddi Moto Helmet

Kiddi Moto Helmet

Blue Goggle

Buy Kiddi Moto Helmet - Blue Goggle
£249.95 £299.95 Moxi Lolly Roller Skates - Floss Teal

Moxi Lolly Floss

Teal Roller Skates

Buy Moxi Lolly Floss - Teal Roller Skates
£79.95 Rookie Gold Leopard - Roller Skates NEW!

Rookie Classic

Gold Leopard Skates

Buy Rookie Classic - Gold Leopard Skates
£49.95 £54.95 Rio Roller Blueberry - Roller Skates NEW

Rio Roller Blueberry

Roller Skates NEW

Buy Rio Roller Blueberry - Roller Skates NEW
£149.95 £194.95 Razors SL1 Team Complete Aggressive Skates

Razors SL1

Aggressive Skates NEW!

Buy Razors SL1 - Aggressive Skates NEW!
£39.95 Vortex Pink/Black - Kids Adjustable Skates

Vortex Pink/Black

Kids Adjustable Skates

Buy Vortex Pink/Black - Kids Adjustable Skates
£34.95 Enuff Graffiti

Enuff Graffiti

Purple Complete Skateboard

Buy Enuff Graffiti - Purple Complete Skateboard
£44.95 Heelys HX2 Jazzy - Black/Pink

Heelys HX2 Jazzy


Buy Heelys HX2 Jazzy - Black/Pink
£13.95 SFR Triple Pad Set

SFR Triple Pad Set

Junior Pink/Blue

Buy SFR Triple Pad Set - Junior Pink/Blue
£49.95 Rookie Retro - Blue/Yellow Roller Skates

Rookie Retro

Blue/Yellow Roller Skates

Buy Rookie Retro - Blue/Yellow Roller Skates

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The package came before estimated time also came with free stickers for my little brothers scooter so he is happy with his new pimped out scooter...

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Wed, 23 Oct 2013

The Saturdays have Disco Love for Cosmic Flash Skates

Skate like The Saturdays, with custom Cosmic Flash Roller Skates now at Rawk

The Saturdays recently released their latest single, 'Disco Love", a UK Top 5 hit and if you saw the official video, you'll have seen it was set spanning three decades; the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Once the video gets to the 80's section, that's when it really takes it up a notch. Set in a funky, roller disco, the girls hit the dance floor in their own customised Cosmic skates from SFR. The original

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Mi-Pac Bags Arrive at

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Fri, 07 Jun 2013

Rio Roller Riot Skates - NEW at Rawk

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Mon, 21 Jan 2013

Heelys Edge with FREE Nano Footboard - Rawk Product of the Week

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Roller Skates.. Inline Skates.. Aggressive Skates.. Scooters.. Skateboards.. Heelys.. we got 'em all!

Welcome to! is the online superstore that stocks the widest range of Roller Skates (also known as Quad Skates ), Scooters, Inline Skates, Aggressive Skates, Ice Skates, Roller Derby Skates, Skateboards, Longboards, Skate Protection, Heelys, Dinosoles, and so much more.


All the Roller Skates (or quad skates if you prefer) and Roller Skating equipment you could ever is need is right here at Rawk. We have all the latest adult Roller Skates, kids Roller Skates and disco Roller Skates (perfect for any Roller Skate disco boogie).

If you're still pining for original Bauer Rollerskates, then look no further than the best Quad Skate on the market, the Supreme Turbo. And if you're after that really old school Bauer feel, then
load up your Supreme's with SIMS Street Snakes roller skate wheels and fit them with super smooth ABEC rated bearings.

Surely now the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be of the Roller Skating world.

We also stock all the latest hard and semi-soft boot Quad Skates, cool retro and disco rollerskates as well as fully adjustable kids quad skates. Adjustable skates can be made bigger as your kids feet grow and
really offer amazing value for money.

With many quad roller skates on sale, you're going to find the perfect roller skates for boys & girls, men & women.

Fans of the 11 part CBBC series "Skate Nation" will love the selection of Roller Skates available at

Anne Gilchrist, Controller, CBBC, says: "Skate Nation will be an opportunity for children to get off the sofa and get active. We'll be encouraging CBBC viewers to learn a new skill and to see how much fun and expertise can be achieved in a remarkably short time scale. It's a show all the family will take part in and enjoy."

Rawk is the definitive online Roller Skate Online Superstore!


If you want to get fit and active the fun way, then inline skating is for you!

Inline skating is not only fun, it's good for you too. Inline skating is an excellent aerobic activity for people of all ages. Six important health benefits will result from a regular program of inline skating activities. Muscle endurance and strength will improve, flexibility will increase, body composition will change due to calories
burned, cardio and respiratory endurance will increase, balance and coordination will improve and mental clarity and connectivity will get better. These improvements will carry over to other activities in your life.

Inline skating provides aerobic benefits that compare to running and biking and delivers a better cardiovascular workout than stair-stepping equipment. The anaerobic benefits are actually better than running or biking, because it provides a natural and smooth side-to-side movement that exercises adductor (inner thigh) and abductor (buttocks) muscles that may be ignored by other activities. Just 20 to 30 minutes of additional inline skating activity each day will help your body become physically stronger and lower the risk of heart disease. It also has low impact advantages and generates up to half the impact shock to joints, ligaments and tendons that running creates.

At Rawk we have the latest inline skates (sometimes simply called Rollerblades after the famous brand) from the world's top brands. We have kids inlines (with many adjustable skates offering great value for money), mens inlines & womens inlines (with some of the most innovative and revolutionary skates in the world), aggressive inlines (for hardcore skating on ramps & rails) as well as all inline protection and accessories you could ever need.

Fans of the 11 part CBBC series "Skate Nation" will love the selection of Inlines available at

Anne Gilchrist, Controller, CBBC, says: "Skate Nation will be an opportunity for children to get off the sofa and get active. We'll be encouraging CBBC viewers to learn a new skill and to see how much fun and expertise can be achieved in a remarkably short time scale. It's a show all the family will take part in and enjoy."

Get fit the fun way. Get your inline skates from Rawk.


If going for a nice, leisurely, peaceful skate in the park isn't your cup of tea but grinding some gnarly rails and nailing awesome tricks at your skate park or half-pipe is what you're after, then aggressive skates are for you.

Reinforced to take all the punishment you give them, inline skating is an extreme sport not for the faint-hearted. All the top brands are here at Rawk including the latest Valo, Roces, NIMH, Rollerblade, Anarchy and Alchemy aggressive skates, many with HUGE savings.

We also stock a wide variety of aggressive frames, aggressive wheels as well as bearings and (vital) protection. Everything you could need to freshen up or pimp your own aggressive skates is here and available


Love ice skating? Then you'll love Rawk. We have a wide range of kids ice skates, adult ice skates as well as hockey ice skates.

We have a full range of Lake Placid, SFR, Xcess and Roces ice skates for kids, adults and ice hockey. Including adjustable ice skates with multiple sizes for the price of one which can be made bigger as your kids feet grow offering amazing value for money.

With ice skate bags & guard covers also available for carrying and protecting your skates, Rawk is THE place for all your ice skate needs.


Ideal for kids, at Rawk we have a wide range of childrens scooters, sometimes known as micro scooters, kick scooters or push scooters. Cooler than walking to school and healthier than getting a lift, micro scooters are an excellent form off affordable transport for kids.

At Rawk we have all the latest JD Bug Scooters, MICRO scooters, Razor scooters as well as many other brands.

The coolest craze is personalising your scooter and making it your very own. In other words, PIMP Your Scooter. At Rawk we stock all the best Scooter Accessories including collar clamps, bolt kits, scooter grips, scooter wheels, swish pegs, stickers, scooter grip tape, scooter bags and much more. Absolutely everything you could ever need to built your very own scooter.

2010 saw the arrival of the world famous MADD Scooter range onto the market. The impact of Madd Scooters on the global scooter scene can be best described as phenomenal! These amazing, high impact scooters have been built using the best materials to create a micro scooter that is as tough as they come.

Everyone's Gone Mad for MADD Scotoers, now it's your turn.


Skateboarding is a way of life and everything you could possibly need, you'll find it here at Rawk.

We stock all the top brands and best equipment. Whether you're after complete skateboards (mini or full size), decks, longboards (including the amazing Lush longboard range), skateboard wheels, skateboard trucks, skateboard bearings (including Bones, ABEC 1 - 9 and many others), the awesome The Wave Street Surfer boards, as well as accessories such as bolts, risers grip tape and Tech Decks (micro finger skateboards).

With skateboard deck brands including Baker, Birdhouse, Element & Flip, skateboard truck brands including Fury, Thunder, Independent (Indy) & Destructo and skateboard truck brands including Bones, Spitfire, Alien Workshop & Enuff, you'll be able to create the perfect skateboard setup at Rawk.

HEELYS at Rawk

Heelys are THE must have shoe for any boy or girl in the UK. The only shoe with the wheel in the heel are Heelys (sometimes called wheelies, heelys shoes, heelies etc).

Since Heelys were patented in late 2000 they have gone on to be a global phenomenon. Worn and used by boys and girls, teenagers and men and women, Heelys can be worn with the wheels in the heel for Heelying, or by simply removing the wheel(s) with a Heelys tool, can be worn as cool trainers.

At Rawk we are proud to bring you all the new models and designs as well as many 'old school' Heelys. We have two wheel Heelys, specifically designed for younger children and beginner Heelyers of all ages. You'll also find a wide range of one wheel Heelys as well as mega wheeled models for more experienced and confident users.

Visit our Heelys Sale section of Rawk and you'll find boys, girls and adult Heelys with amazing money saving offers. Find a Heelys bargain at Rawk.

SHOES at Rawk

Ever heard of Dinosoles? Well if you haven't by now, you soon will.

Dinosoles are fast becoming the next biggest craze in the USA for kids and they are set to do the same here in the UK. Fantastic Dinosole trainers for toddlers and children have dinosaur footprints in the sole leaving dino tracks in soft ground as you walk. Dinosole shoes also contain flashing light-up eyes that shine with every step.

These truly are every kids ultimate shoe and with the Flipflopasaurus (the Dinosole flipflop of course...) starting at only £9.95, they are also excellent value for money. Sure to bring a smile to any child (and parents) face. Kids love the dinosaur tracks the shoes leave behind, the amazing designs on the shoes and the light up eyes on the Dinosoles. And parents love the great value for money.

So how cool are these shoes for kids? Well Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's son Maddox was voted by People Magazine as the Best-Dressed Kid in the World, and the photos in the magazine show him in his Dinosole X10 T-Rex trainers. As worn by the Best Dressed Kid in the World, not bad!

At Rawk not only do we stock the range of Dinosole trainers and flipflops, we also have Dinosole caps, backpacks and lunch boxes which are perfect for school.

Dinosoles are set to be the biggest craze in kids shoes so don't delay and get your kids a pair before they're extinct.............

Rawk now has a wide range of Soap Shoes from only £19.95. With limited Soap grind shoes available in the world, be quick and get a grind shoe bargain while you can!

Soap Shoes are shoes made for grinding. They were introduced by Chris Morris of Artemis Innovations Inc. with the brand name "Soap" in 1997 and simultaneously invented a new extreme sport. The shoes have a plastic grind-plate in the sole, which allows the wearer to grind on objects such as pipes, handrails, and stone ledges.The act of grinding on rails and ledges specifically using soap shoes has been dubbed "soaping," with the "soaper" being the one performing said act.


Whether you're into roller skating, disco skating, inline skating, rollerblading, aggressive skating, skateboarding etc, wearing the right protective equipment is vital. At Rawk we stock a wide range of pads and helmets for all your skating safety needs.

We have protective helmets for children and adults from the top brands including Bullet, Termite, Bell, Flip as well as all the latest Stateside skate helmets. Available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes, you'll find the perfect skate helmet at Rawk.

We also have a huge range of protective skating pad sets. If you're after knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, protective gloves or even protective shorts, you'll find them at Rawk. Offering extra value for money we have a variety of Triple Padsets suitable for kids and adults which include knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards in one easy to carry display bag.

We are passionate about providing you with the best skates and scooters from the world's top brands at the lowest prices with the best customer service.

Why Rawk? Cos walking's too slow.

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